Helping Men and Women Suffering from Unresolved Gastrointestinal Issues

If you’re tired of getting the same old care for your ongoing digestive problems…you’ve come to the right place.

My “One Medicine” Approach to You and Your Gut

I really enjoy how Dr Julapalli starts with a holistic approach and tries to KEEP you from taking medications instead of just giving a bunch of medications! Very personable, takes his time, explains thoroughly!


I heard about Dr. Julapalli from other people, so I decided to give him a try next year. I am looking for a GI doctor for a colonoscopy. I would like to be able to have the option of the type of sedation given to me. I do not want the Propofol as so many other gastroenterologists use and do not give other options. Also after reading his care philosophy online I truly believe that he would be a good doctor for me.


Dr Julapalli is a very knowleageble doctor, he takes the time to talk to his patients and answer any questions. He explains in detail your problem and options, one of the best doctors.


Very satisfied. He care about the service he provides to his patients.

-Christopher Salinas

Dr. Julapalli spent probably over an hour with me during the initial visit. He thoroughly reviewed my intake information and carefully listened to my concerns. I felt like I was the most important patient in the world, but more importantly, I believe that I received sound medical advice that will help me live my best life ever, without drugs. I also loved his holistic approach to health.


Dr. Julapalli is great! He takes the time to listen and doesn’t rush people in and out of his office. We worked together to develop a plan to address my GI issues. 6 weeks later and things have vastly improved!

-Amy W.

Educated, thorough, passionate, and holistic are some of the ways I would describe Dr. Julapalli. I appreciate that he takes time answering my questions and empowers me to make choices with information he seems so happy to give – he cares.

-Jane Moore

Excellent service and no nonsense diagnosing. Very practical and thorough.

-Julius Villarreal

Dr. Julapalli is a wonderful doctor. He has taken very good care of me. He is really a handsome Doctor and really personable when discussing patient issues.

-Walter Ross

He did a fecal transplant on me that was successful. This ended nine months of illness.


Dr. Julapalli is my Doctor House! He listens very closely to what patients have to say and thinks deeply before coming up with an excellent plan of action. I have been his patient for years. I highly recommend him! This is coming from someone who rarely writes reviews…


Dr. Julapalli is awesome. He takes the time to listen to you and goes over everything thoroughly with you. He wants to find the root of the issue you are having and fix it. Not band-aid it with prescriptions but actually make you as a person and your life better. GI issues can turn your life upside down and he is the doctor you want walking with you on the road to wellness. He will talk with you about a plan and answer any questions you might have with 100% honesty. His staff is just as great!


Dr Julapalli is very thorough and concerned about your problem. Will talk to you and answer any questions. You never feel rushed.

-Dana Kelley

Dr. Julapalli was thorough and took the time to discuss all the issues I was having. His holistic approach is appreciated.


dr was very professional and thorough He has good bedside manner…

-Sylvia Justus

Very happy with the process of figuring out what was causing my problem.


I have been a patient of Dr. Julapalli for 8+ years. He’s always nice, friendly, and good at answering all of my questions. I feel very comfortable seeing him and in taking his medical advice.


He spent almost 40 minutes with me,asked me a lot of questions about my health history,my diet,my lifestyle, patiently listened to everything I had to say. I asked if I should go through an endoscopy.He said he did not think it necessary. Instead of prescribing medication,he recommended I first try to change my diet,my lifestyle etc for 3 months . I’ve been following his advice and am noticing improvements already. I recommended him to my nephew who was equally pleased.


I came for digestive problems I have been experiencing and to have an overdue colonoscopy and upper GI scope. My two office visits and procedure have been informative very professional and I feel they really care about me and my health. I am 64 years old and have been to many Doctors during my life. He is definitely one of the better ones. I plan to come back and follow his guidance. I without hesitation give Dr. Julapalli and his staff top ratings.


He was very patient and receptive to everything I was telling him. He has a very positive mind set and will answer your questions in a professional and friendly manner! I definitely recommend if you are looking for a new strategy on how to attack your GI problems.


He takes the time to really talk with you about your issues, not at you.


Was recommended by Dr. Julapalli by my primary care physician. Dr. Julapalli and his staff are always wonderful, kind and welcoming. Never have to wait too long, and his advice is always straightforward.

-Sal O.

Would highly recommend.

-Bill Griesinger

Very thorough! Created a comfortable environment. Was detailed with his responses and addressing concerns.


I had high expectations after reading the reviews for Dr. Julapalli, and he exceeded them by a long shot. For the first time in a long time, I feel encouraged that I will finally figure out what is causing the symptoms I’ve been dealing with for a long time. I wish all doctors were like Dr. Julapalli! I am incredibly grateful I found IGC!

-Elissa Stautner

Dr. Julapalli is very attentive to your concerns, kind and warm. He listens well and is not quick to prescribe medicine when other lifestyle changes can be made (for example, diet and exercise). He makes it his business to educate himself on ways that can truly help his patient’s regain their health. I would highly recommend Dr. J based on his personality and practice.


Very sympathetic and caring. Gave me all the information I have been looking for. Streamlined my medications so Im not taking a half a dozen medications I dont need. I highly recommend Dr. Julapalli. He truly does get to the root cause rather than just treating the symptoms.


Dr. Venodhar Julapalli is a very good doctor. He explains everything so clear. He takes good care of his patient and see to it that they get better and healthy.

-Mark Buco

Very patient and excellent bedside manner. Always eager to hear my concerns and address them.


I didn’t get any fast answers, but I wasn’t expecting any. At this point in my treatment, we’re looking for unicorns. I got some preliminary recommendations, which I will be following.

-Lee Billings

No words could possibly do Dr. Julapalli justice for his incredible professionalism and knowledge. I struggled for months to find answers to the health issues I was facing and was left with more questions than answers from previous physicians. I traveled 2 hours to see him and it was well worth it. He and his staff go above and beyond to ensure you are not only well taken care of but that you have peace of mind. That on its own is priceless. Thank you again Dr.Julapalli and wonderful staff!

-Lorena Jaquis

Awesome visit!!!! Because of a new job starting on Monday, I really needed to see the doctor today. His staff was nice enough squeeze me in on the same day I called. Can’t promise that this will happen for everyone, but it would of been mid-December before I could reschedule. Dr. Julapalli explained everything, asked me a lot of questions and fielded all of my questions. This is my first visit and I will have Dr. Julapalli take care of all of my gastro needs from now on.

-Brian B.

went to him few yrs back and have had to re-visit for some more serious issues. He has been so understanding, very informative and so good at explaining process for care,etc. I feel very fortunate to have him treating me and would definitely recommend him to others

-Michelle George

Dr. Julapalli has been my GI doc for over 7 years. He’s a well-informed and curious doctor. He reads the latest research on general and GI health and incorporates that into his practice. Balanced in treatment and testing – doesn’t over or under-treat. He cares, listens patiently, and explains conditions and treatments thoroughly. Willing to hear what you’re doing on your own to improve your health with an open-mind. Staff is also great – welcoming, friendly, responsive. Worth my 40 min drive!


Best doctor I’ve ever had! Very caring and he takes the necessary time with you to discuss all your issues and treatment. I especially like his holistic approach to medicine.


We need more drs like him. He his very rare.

-Richard MacPhee

He is a great Doc.. and can fix you up!!


Dr. Julapalli is very imformative and explained everything step by step. He asked lots of questions about my health history to obtain a diagnosis. I highly recommend him.

-Paula Felton

Looks at health as a systemic issue rather than just treating the systems. Takes the time to listen and address any concerns you may have.


Dr. Julapalli is awesome. He takes plenty of time to listen to what’s really going on and treat accordingly and doesn’t send you on your way with medicine to take and no answers.


Don’t waste your time. There are much better doctors. I realized this after wasting 3 hours of my time and $200 (consultation fees approx). I had severe acidity and all the doctor did was, gave me a 30 min lecture and no medicines. Same day I went to costco and bought some over the counter medicine for acidity as per my friend’s FREE suggestion and I feel a lot better. I could have bought the same medicine 6 times had I not made the mistake of seeing Dr. Julapalli.

-Vishal A.

Dr. Julapalli is a rare doctor in the sense that he listens to his patient–I mean he REALLY REALLY listens to his patient. After my first visit with Dr. Julapalli, I knew right away that this man cares deeply about what he is doing. Most doctors I have visited rush you in and out and you don’t feel that they’ve really listened to your problems; Dr. Julapalli took his time and listened to me describe all my symptoms and problems. He is an angel. Thanks Dr. Julapalli for being so caring.


The doctor is very informative and helpful.


Dr. Julapalli is always very welcoming, patient and kind. I never feel rushed in an appointment and I always feel as if I’m having a conversation with a family friend. He is very knowledgeable and conveys that knowledge in easy to understand terms.

-Oscar Ramirez III

Great doctor, very helpful and easy to talk to. Highly recommend!


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