Is This You?

Helping Long-Suffering Patients with GI Disorders Reclaim Their Lives

Living with a chronic digestive disorder like reflux, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), or inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can be a lonely experience.  Symptoms like heartburn, bloating and gas, abdominal cramping, diarrhea, or constipation can make socialization and even simple outings impossible.

These disorders are often mysterious and frustrating.  It may be years before many patients find out why they suffer the way they do. Once they’re finally diagnosed, conventional gastroenterology offers limited options for care — treatments patients are uncomfortable with, and that unfortunately often fail to help them.

There Is Hope!

With your GI condition, maybe you’ve been told that tests show everything is “normal.” But your symptoms are undeniable, and you know something must be causing them. And then you’re offered some medications that just serve to mask your symptoms, or some medications in the anti-depressant category. These are crude medications that can potentially be more dangerous than the condition itself!

Or maybe you’ve been told that you need to take certain medications for life. But you want to know, what’s the endpoint for these medications? Are they addressing the root causes of the condition? What about my diet, lifestyle, stress, and the mind-body connection? Don’t these matter? And who is teaching me on these things?

When faced with patients with challenging GI disorders, doctors sometimes throw their hands up and say, “There’s nothing more I can do for you.” And although they are speaking the truth about their limitations, you don’t have to accept that as the final word on your condition. You don’t have to try to learn to live with the pain. There is much that can be explored and likely achieved with the right approach.

We’ll Investigate and Uncover the Root Cause of Your Condition

If you’ve been left in the dark about what proactive steps you can take to change the trajectory of what’s possible for your health, it’s likely I can help. I work with patients having GI symptoms who are interested in going beyond medications and surgery.

I help those who have a desire to learn what’s going on inside their bodies at a deep level  — people who want to live freer and fuller lives by addressing the root cause of their condition.

Unique Care Makes All the Difference for Our Patients

Often GI disorders aren’t simple conditions that look and act the same among different people. There is no other person on earth who is quite like you. Complex health problems like chronic digestive disorders remind us of this fact. There is no “one size fits all” approach or plan that will work. A generic approach is one of the fundamental flaws in conventional medical care for such patients.

An understanding of your uniqueness and need for personalized care is embedded in everything I do. My patients are often surprised to discover that certain types of care that have failed them in the past suddenly seem to work now. The difference is unique care. I take the time to understand how specific therapies may be customized to work for you — for YOUR body, mind, environment, and spirit — in unique ways.

We are Houston’s Trusted Source for Integrative Gastrointestinal Care

Your diet, lifestyle, stress, and mindset affect your gut bacteria and immune system in significant, very real ways. Science supports this, and so does common sense. In turn, what’s going on with your gut and immune system influences your digestive condition. If you want to turn your health around and address your condition in effective ways once and for all, you need integrative care.

It’s entirely possible to re-balance the physiological systems that contribute to your illness. A combined approach to care that supports your body’s inherent healing forces and supplements lifestyle interventions with conventional care can resolve symptoms. You’ll feel better quickly and learn to sustain improvements to your health that keep you feeling your best, long-term.

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